Transformation of Education in New Time

The closing decade of the 20th century and the opening decade of the 21st century will be remembered for complete metamorphosis of school education. The teaching no longer remains a holy social service it has become one of the many paid services. Under the traditional system of education, teacher stood on high pedestal within the society and enjoyed great reverence. Although teaching was never lucrative financially but the yeoman contribution of a teacher was duly recognized by the society as a nation builder.

Students had great respect for the teacher. The stories of Mahabharata and many other certify that disciples were ready to even risk their life to fulfill the wish of their teachers. The students had blind faith unshakable cemented faith in the teacher and teacher in return, owned his student, fully his success as well as shortcomings.

The intrusion of the forces of market has catapulted the ethical structure of education. The legal complexities have made the matter further worse. Now the worth of profession is rated by its potential of generating money and not value. This change in social perception is robbing the charm and dignity of this entirely ethical work. The social edification of teacher which was earlier the backbone of education system of society is also being eroded simultaneously. Parents need to blame themselves, if they talk about any teacher disrespectfully even at home or hail a teacher wrong because when they do this actually they neutralize the effect of even the moral value imparted by him/her in the class room.

Teaching community has come under tremendous pressure of how to maintain a balance among the management, parents, students and the high standard of education. The role of media has also not been very positive and constructive. Where ever any case of corporal punishment has been reported, media has only tried to sensationalize it instead of trying to unearth the deeper reason of such incidents and smoother the delicate relationship of teacher and student. Such incidents force teachers to develop the attitude of ‘go to hell’ and adopting a purely professional outlook devoid of emotion and sensitivity.

What is the way out: Teacher cannot refuse the responsibility of carving out citizens with strong character. Like ‘Chanakya’ who created Chandragupta, they will have to do this work as our country needs more and more ‘Chandragupta’ these days. They should not and need not wave by scathing criticism of media or anybody else. But they should realize that their greatest assets are the students. They will have to be persistently persuasive so that these children can come on the right track and the crisis of character could end. With sanguine hope I conclude:

Teaching is a gift which need to be invoked, Teachers are holy, they should not be provoked, Learning demands dedication orally and from within It can worthless, worthy and nothing into everything.

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